Karaoke is a great way to get new patrons into your establishment and
"Let's Just Sing" Karaoke Entertainment is just the company to do it.

"Let's Just Sing" Karaoke Entertainment has over 20 years of karaoke experience.  We utilize quality sound equipment and the best karaoke music the industry has to offer and pair that up with a fun, fast moving show that keeps everyone laughing and having fun while boosting your sales.  Our experience spans private clubs, sports bars, commercial business events, school and church functions, fund raisers ,family gatherings such as graduations, birthdays, reunions and anniversary parties.

On the business end of things, we have found that most people prefer quality sound over high volume. We won't blast our music so loud that your patrons can't talk to each other. We also discourage the use of profanity.  "Let's Just Sing" Karaoke Entertainment is a licensed entertainment business and we're Sound Choice certified. In short, that means we buy our music legally thus protecting everyone involved from liability due to piracy or the hiring of unlicensed contractors to work in your establishment.

Download our Song Book in pdf format here!

** Song Updates EVERY Month**